Aims and Objectives

  1. The relief of suffering and distress by providing finance for medical and educational assistance and work training opportunities for people of short stature.
  2. The promotion of the physical, mental and social well-being of people of short stature.
  3. The creation and promotion of equal opportunities in education, employment and the community for people of short stature.
  4. The encouragement of medical, scientific and social research into the problems of people of short stature and their origin, with particular emphasis on research into human physical growth and its causes.
  5. The collection and dissemination of information relating to people of short stature to all sectors of the community in order to promote a full understanding of their problems, their abilities and their need for equality of opportunity.
  6. To seek the granting of educational and vocational scholarships from Government authorities and to promote the granting of such scholarships both by the SSPA and any other organisations or persons prepared to do so.
  7. The fostering of social contacts amongst people of short stature and their families and friends.