McHugh-Henderson Award

McHugh-Henderson Award
This award is made annually by the S.S.P.A. in remembrance of both Frank McHugh and Jim Henderson who both did an enormous amount of work in personally promoting the Association and the problems of short-statured people, through the media and through their own involvement with the early management of the Association. Both men were past National Chairpersons.

The Award is made to short-statured people who are considered to have made a significant contribution to the development of themselves as individuals during the year, and the enhancement of their position in the community at large, which bought credit to themselves and to the Association.

Nominations are called for during the year and details of nominations are printed in the S.S.P.A. Journal. Closing date for nominations is 31st July each year.

A shield records the names of winners of the award each year and the winner is also presented with an individual trophy at the S.S.P.A. Dinner Dance which is held during the annual SSPA National Convention. All nominees are given an award in recognition of their endeavours.

A Junior Division Award is made to members under the age of 12 years.

Previous winners and nominations for the Award are listed below:

YearSenior DivisionJunior Division
1977Maree Jenner (NSW)No Award
1978Francis Kelly (VIC)No Award
1979Dawn Marsh (NSW)No Award
1980Maree Goodacre (NSW)No Award
1981Linda Henderson (NSW)No Award
1982Rohan Paterson (VIC)No Award
1983No AwardVanessa Howard and Anthony Parker (NSW)
1984No AwardNo Award
1985Lee Whichello (QLD)No Award
1986Jim Whitaker (NSW)Danielle Carty (TAS) and Robert Paton (VIC)
1987Jennifer McHugh (NSW)No Award
1988Shaun Galbraith (VIC)No Award
1989Anthony Parker (NSW)No Award
1990David McGrath (NSW)Damien Pinnell (SA)
1991Christopher Cook (NSW)No Award
1992Julie Iles (NSW)No Award
1993No AwardNo Award
1994No AwardNo Award
1995Meredith Young (VIC)No Award
1996No AwardNo Award
1997Wim Bos (NSW)Alex Botton (SA)
1998No AwardChristopher Diehm (QLD)
1999Sandra Parker (NSW)No Award
2000No AwardNo Award
2001No AwardTerry Haffner (NSW)
2002No AwardNo Award
2003Samantha Lilly (VIC)No Award
2004Sarah Bowen (VIC)No Award
2005No AwardNo Award
2006No AwardNo Award
2007Hayley Galbraith (VIC)No Award
2008Mike Spain (VIC)No Award
2009No AwardNo Award
2010No AwardNo Award
2011Margherita Coppolino (VIC)No Award
2012Robert Paton (VIC)No Award
2013No AwardNo Award
2014No AwardNo Award
2015Sam MillardNo Award
2016Carly MyersNo Award
2017No AwardNo Award
2018No AwardNo Award
2019Kobie Donovan (QLD)
2020No Award