Parent Represenatives

Please download a brochure for the SSPA for new parents here

The following list of the SSPA New-Parent Representatives act as the first contact for parents of newly-born short-statured children. The new parents are referred to the SSPA by the Genetics Clinics attached to Children’s Hospitals in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart.

Between them, our parent reps around the country have a wealth of  experience, practical knowledge and good humour.  They have much to offer new parents on the practicalities of rearing a child with a condition of short stature.  Some of our parent reps are short statured themselves and have raised at least one child with short stature.

All of our parent reps are happy to talk to new parents on the general subject of short stature, but please note that our parent reps are not equipped with medical knowledge or expertise; the members of our Professional Advisory Board may issue advice of that nature.

The SSPA New Parent Representatives for 2017-2018 are as follows:


Katrina Reynolds
[email protected]

0430 123 116


Jenni Bruce
[email protected]

0412 415 498


Alma Weber
[email protected]


Wilma Steain
(02) 6554 8163

NSW (Regional)

Vicki Fallon*
[email protected]

(02) 6332 4474

NSW (Hunter Region)

Dawn Bos*
[email protected]


Tina Glenwright *

[email protected]

(07) 4779 3741


Emily Vozzo

[email protected]


Jenny Zeuschner
[email protected]


Suzann Franklin
[email protected]

(08) 9041 3220

* Denotes person of short stature