The SSPA believes that people of short stature are entitled to receive the same love, respect, care, education and opportunities as anyone else. Therefore, we envisage a society that respects and promotes the rights of all its members, and ensures equity of access to participate in the varied dimensions of community life.


The SSPA seeks to empower, assist and represent people of short stature, to enable individuals to assert their right to live in, participate in and be productive members of the community, and by so doing, maximise their potential as valued citizens.


People of short stature are members of society and have the same rights, responsibilities, and sensitivities as others in society.

People of short stature should have the opportunity to engage in those aspects of an activity conducive to a normal lifestyle, no matter how difficult, to the extent that their degree of disability allows.

People of short stature need to have equity of access to lifestyle quality as:

  • independence and privacy
  • education and employment
  • health and medical services
  • personal and family relationships
  • social and recreational activities
  • access to all public facilities e.g. transport, communication and technology

People of short stature need to have access to appropriate information about their disability, with assistance available to make informed decisions about their lives.

The cost associated with the disability of short stature should be borne equally by the entire community (as should all disability costs).

Lines of communication with members should be maintained to ensure that they continue to be made aware of policies and services that are relevant to their interest.

The Association either solely or in partnership with other organisations, should advocate for the elimination of institutional, cultural and physical barriers that impede the opportunities for members to participate in the everyday activities of life.

The Association should respond to the individual needs of members within its human, financial and technological resources.