Short Arts Collective: Calling all Emerging and Established Artists to submit your pieces and/or performances to be included in an online gallery.

This gallery will serve as a backdrop to the Wine and Cheese Night as part of the SSPA Virtual Convention 2020 on Friday 25th September.

What do you need to know?

Whether you are a young artist or an older artist, emerging or even established, we want to encourage everyone to submit a piece and/or performance to be on display.

No limits on how many pieces and/or performances you want to submit, it can anything from:

  • pieces of writing (poetry, extracts from a story or a short story),
  • visual art (photography, painting, drawing, collage, tattooing),
  • ceramics (pottery, mosaic),
  • textile (dress making, embroidery, weave, quilting, knitting or crochet)
  • performance art (singing, instrumental, theatre monologue/performance, spoken word, poetry performance, dance, comedy)

Donโ€™t be shy, this is your chance to shine!

Are you interested? Then read below for what we need from you:

Images: All images submitted need to be at least 1MB (either as jpeg or png file)

Videos: Need to be no more than 3 minutes long

Just so we can tell the world the artwork has come from you:

1. We need a head shot of you

2. Name

3. Title of work

4. Date

5. Medium

6. Dimensions

7. A short blurb in writing about your work and its purpose.

Please send images of your artwork and/or performance recordings to [email protected]

Submissions close: 5pm, Sunday 6th September 2020

Have a question? Please contact:  [email protected] or call Carly on 0430 231 557